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Why Your Plate Should Look Like the Rainbow!


If you ask someone why they think they should  eat their fruits and vegetables? I bet they will reply with, “because it is GOOD for you.” As children so many of us are told to eat our vegetables because it is, ‘good for us,’ but we are not told what, ‘good for us,’ means.

For me,’good for us/you,’ means the cycle of life. Growing up I have had the luxury of interacting with nature. In the sense that my backyard was my playground. You know everyday my brothers and sisters had a target animal that we played with, from lizards,  to monkeys, to ants, to chameleons, to birds, to bees, to rabbits, and so I can go on forever. But this playground also included a garden, at an early age I was exposed to the beautiful cycle of life. Which allowed me to grow up appreciating how nature serves us and how we serve mother earth. So the answer that I prefer when someone asks why should they eat their fruits and vegetables. Is that, “it is the cycle of life.”

Just like you and me plants get sick, have diseases, parasites, nasty bugs and suffer from oxidative stress. Yes, it is a very interesting idea that plants are constantly fighting off some nasty invader. The idea that there is more to plants than water and soil is foreign to many but it does not have to be. We eat fruits and vegetables so that our body can use the same phytochemicals that plants use to survive for our benefit. Phytochemicals are not officially considered essential for life but I beg to differ. Because we eat fruits and vegetables because our bodies need phytochemicals to function efficiently.

The are many different types of phytochemicals. In the nutrition world phytochemicals can be grouped into different colors: Green, orange/yellow, blue/purple, red and white. Fruits and vegetables that have the same pigment have the similar phytochemicals. Our bodies uses these different phytochemicals for different reasons. For example carotenoids(this is why carrots are orange) found in carrots are good for your eyes but they also have anticancer properties.

The is so much information surrounding vegetables and nutrition but for this post we will keep it a bit more broad.

Below is a quick video featuring Dr. Weil.

“…you know they are just great, I just eat em.”

Haha, he is too funny.

“you want to eat a variety of vegetables across the color spectrum.”

The cycle of life: Dr. Weil tends to the vegetables in his garden and in return the garden provides him with wonderful food.

You do not have to search far and wide to find beneficial foods.



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