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Why…Plate…..Rainbow! Part 2: The Practical Version ;)

The Colors of Vegetables and Fruits

  1. Green Produce.
      1. Green leafy vegetables, kiwi, honeydew melon,  avocado, broccoli, artichoke, zucchini, lettuce, celery, asparagus, edamame, okra, and peas.
    1. Phytochemicals.
      1. Lutein, zeaxanthin, indoles, omega-3’s and omega-6’s
  2. White and Tan Produce.
      1. Turnips, bananas, garlic, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, radishes, potatoes(white flesh),  jicama, and ginger.
    1. Phytochemicals.
      1. Allicin and anthoxanthins.
  3. Yellow and Orange Produce.
      1. Sweet potatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit, mangos, pumpkin, corn, pineapple, carrots, butternut squash, apricots, tangerines and yellow peppers.
    1. Phytochemicals.
      1. Carotenoids( beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-cryptoxanthi) and bioflavonoids.
  4. Red Produce.
      1. Red grapes, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, pink or red grapefruit, tomatoes, beets, radishes, red peppers, rhubarb, cherries, cranberries, red cabbage, guava and red apples.
    1. Phytochemicals.
      1. Carotenoids(Lycopen, anthocyanin), and resveratol.
  5. Blue and Purple Produce.
      1. Purple cabbage, blueberries, blackberries, black grapes, raisins, eggplant, plums, prunes and figs.
    1. Phytochemicals.
      1. Anthocyanins, phenolics, and resveratol.

Below is a chart taken from Ms. Zimmerman’s website found here.

Phytochemical Families

Family What They Do Where They’re Found
Carotenes, limonoids, saponins Activate body’s protective enzymes, protect eyes, act as antioxidants, modify hormones, help block cholesterol absorption, protect cellular differentiation Green, red and yellow vegetables and fruits; grains; legumes; nuts; seeds; herbs such as ginseng, chamomile, gotu kola
Organosulfur Compounds
Indol-3-carbinol, thiosulfonates, isothiocyanates Boost cancer-fighting enzymes, block multagenesis, inhibit cholesterol synthesis, may lower blood pressure Cruciferous vegetables; mustard family; onion & garlic family
Polyphenols, anthocyanidins, caechins, isoflavones, tannins Protect heart and vascular system, protect against colon cancer, modify hormone response, prevent dental caries Berries, grapes, red wine, green leafy vegetables, soy foods, green tea, herbs
Organic acids, Polysaccharides
Lactones, celluloses, arabinogalactans, pectins, fructans, glucans Block nitrosamine effects, promote growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, modulate immune system, may help prevent colon cancer Fruit, mushrooms, yeast, herbs, spices
Isoprenoids, oils, fatty acids, physterols Reduct platelet aggregation, blood clotting, inflammation, nervous system disorders; balance hormones; modify autoimmune conditions Dark-green leafy vegetables, nuts, soy oil, wheat germ, herbs, animal foods


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The information here is not intended to replace standard(allopathic) medicine, which has its benefit in the medical environment in diagnosing and treating diseases. Any persistent, severe, and or unusual symptoms should be evaluated by a registered physician. The natural remedies/habits suggested here, although safer than pharmaceutical drugs, can cause unexpected results, in different people. If a condition fails to respond to the remedies/habits presented here, you should consult a physician. The author of this information, disclaims responsibility for any adverse reactions resulting directly or indirectly from the information given here.


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