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San Francisco Celebrates Gay Marriage


Last week was a huge week for supporters of gay marriage. This is because on Wednesday (I believe it was on this day), supreme court justice Anthony Kennedy, denied voter-approved Proposition 8, which went against gay marriage. The argument behind the rejection is that private backers, who are the voters, had no legal standings to fight a case in court. The LGBT community have been waiting 4 1/2 years since the last time they had freedom to marry.  In 2008 was when Proposition 8 was passed.

The timing for this ruling could not be more perfect because this past weekend (June 29-30) was PRIDE weekend in SF. So the city went bananas this past weekend. I had to work out of the city but I could tell that everyone from around the Bay Area and from around the world was in San Francisco; the areas around SF were empty.

This was a crucial step but of course there is more to do. Thumbs up for Equality!

Here are articles and links to more information on this matter:

From The SF Examiner

And from The Guardian

Below are PRIDE pictures.





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