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Jumping over the Bandwagon

I have noticed that fellow bloggers have been writing about Immigration in America . This should not be a surprise because the topic of immigration (mostly focused on Latino Immigrants) has been the cause for many debates for a long time now, even before the recent election. But the dialogue, I believe is always the same for example, there is always a debate over how much money has been spent of border security. But the problem is no real solid solutions are being brought up in the mainstream media. This is because the root causes of immigration are not being debated and discussed.

I want to present some (not a lot) information that looks at the history behind Latino Immigrants and America. Juan Gonzalez, co-host on Democracy Now, wrote a very good book called, “Harvest of Empire,” it really dissects the history of Latino Immigrants and their relationship to America. His book was originally published in 1999, it has since then been revised and most recently a documentary was made based on it.

Below I provide videos on this matter.

Footage from the Documentary.

The video below sort of forecasts (this is from April 11, 2013) what is happening now.

Last but not least is headline news from Democracy Now; it was released today (July 25, 2013).

Senate Backs Amendment to Increase Border Enforcement in Immigration Bill

Senate lawmakers have backed an amendment to the immigration reform bill that would dramatically increase enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border. The proposal by Republican senators Bob Corker and John Hoeven would nearly double the number of border agents, expand the use of drones and construct hundreds of miles of border fencing. In total, the plan would cost roughly $40 billion over the next decade. The proposal reportedly spurred roughly a dozen Republicans to throw support behind a reform bill that would extend an eventual path to citizenship to millions of undocumented people.




In Honor of All Mothers

Below is a video from, it is called “Mother and Daughter Hero Doctors: Hawa Abdi and Deqo Mohamed.” It was filmed on December 2010 and posted on February 2011.

“…women and children are the ones affected most by civil war.”

This is an important statement because it is very true. Women and children have always suffered in times of conflict and ultimately since the existence of human beings. But times have been changing as you can see here is one example.

“No man can beat his wife.”

This is still a global problem.

“We will call the eldest people…if the defy this case..we never release him”

This is an old tradition that is rarely practiced in Western society. Older people have the potential to have so much wisdom and a sense of the way the world works or should work. So, it is ingenious to harness that wisdom.

“Women are most strong, person, all over the world.”

True that.

The people of the community came up with the two rules; democracy?

“I saw how my mother was helping and how she really need the help and how is the care is essential to healthcare…”

I believe that sometimes parents forget that they are the first and in many cases the only example for their children. I mean that children learn how to treat others, how to take care of themselves, how to work hard, how to be a good person, etc; from their parent(s)/guardian(s).


Below is a video from Al Jazeera, it is called, “Shabeena’s Quest.” I believe it was posted on November 2012.  Shabeena is a principal at a school in Pakistan. Under the governing of the Taliban, Shabeena, shuns old-age traditions that prevent girls and women to go to school. Shabeena shows courage and dedication to do what I believe, is right. The video also follows two girls who attend the school: Afshan and Zarina.

Afshan comes from a family with six daughters and they All go to school. On a family salary* that would make your head spin. Truly, for anyone who knows what it is like to live poor in a third world country,  you know how amazing that is. Especially in a Taliban dominated environment; imagine.

Zarina, comes from a family that is comparable to Afshan’s but the difference is that her family wants to marry her off at the age of 14. Zarina of course wants to stay in school; she has to fight to learn.

Throughout the video you will really see the hearts and minds of the future generation. I hope at least one the children there rises up to really bring change some where in the world; you cannot deny even at their young age they know what needs changing.

I wanted to say that this post features women who are doing things that many would consider courageous and dangerous. But all women are important in order for this planet to function peacefully. And every mother is important to someone in the world. Bless All mothers.

*Average annual salary in Pakistan $4,650.00 this is based on the 2012/2013 survey.


“Only my body is here because I am thinking about what is happening around the world.”-Mumia


Tobias and Angus the Clown


When is the last time that you called upon a clown for assistance? For many children a clown represents fun, happiness, and laughter. This is probably due to the fact that some people hire clowns for children’s birthdays and and parties. But in difficult environments such as a hospital, clowns are crucial in the comfort, well-being and in some cases clowns help decrease the recovery time for ill children. The family of the children also benefit from the presence of a clown in the hospital this is due to  many reasons. For example the families feel better if they see their children laughing and in some cases the people who need cheering up are the other family members.

The documentary below is about Angus, a clown who works in the children’s oncology department at a teaching hospital in Denmark. And his relationship with Tobias, a cancer patient at the hospital. The documentary covers their relationship over a period of one year and a half. In the documentary it states that Tobias has a deadly type of cancer, people with this cancer have a 30% survival rate. This documentary forces me to cherish life more and more. The complete documentary is found on Al Jazeera English under the program called Witness, link to documentary found here.

Meet Tobias and Angus

Our blessings go out to anyone who is suffering in every way, shape or form.


“Love is the most powerful force in the universe.”-Mumia

Happy Birthday Mumia!


Today is Mumia Abu-Jamal’s birthday he is turning 59 years old; Happy Birthday Mumia. Mumia is a political prisoner since 1982, he was sentenced to death row for the killing of Philadelphia police department officer named Daniel Faulkner; Mumia denies the accusation.”I never confessed to anything because I had nothing to confess to. I never said I shot the policeman. I did not shoot the policeman. I never said I hoped he died. I would never say something like that,” quote from Mumia. Mumia since his incarceration has had popular support from all over the world. A big turning point in Mumia’s life came forth, as recently as January 27, 2012, the day Mumia was allowed to join the general population after 29 years in death row. Mumia Abu-Jamal has written a number of books, has worked as a journalist, reporter and most of all he is a freedom fighter. More on Mumia’s life can be found here and here. Below is a video from Democracy Now, it features Mumia.

The next video is about a new documentary about Mumia called, “Long Distance Revolutionary.”

“We have made the unthinkable normal in this world, and the normal unthinkable.”-John Pilger.

“Mumia, how are you dealing with all of this darkness and despair and despondency and so forth?  He said, ‘Let me write about it. I’ll tell the truth about it.’ It is a living hell, it’s a NIGHTMMAAARRRRRE.”-Cornel West

Love the way Dr. West talks.

“They have moved Heaven and Earth to stop his voice from being heard here in the United States.”-Tariq Ali


“Love is the most powerful force in the universe.”-Mumia

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