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The Day Has come: 2014 World Cup

Today is match day. All eyes are on Brazil today. As well as one of the most talented players today Neymar, who happens to one of Brazil’s star player. Brazil and Neymar have a chance to start the tournament with a bang because they will be one of the two teams playing the first match of the 2014 World Cup. I am pretty sure that you can watch the match at on the television at 1:00 pm PT or 3:00 pm EDT. Otherwise you can watch it for free and online here. Which is very convinient. I remember growing up we had to go to sleep early and wake up at 4:00 am PT. In order to watch The World Cup live on television. This was before internet was before live streaming and virtually, what we call the internet today.

Brazil plays Croatia today. I predict 3-1 to Brazil.



Below is a video by Beats by Dre featuring Neymar.







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