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The Day Has come: 2014 World Cup

Today is match day. All eyes are on Brazil today. As well as one of the most talented players today Neymar, who happens to one of Brazil’s star player. Brazil and Neymar have a chance to start the tournament with a bang because they will be one of the two teams playing the first match of the 2014 World Cup. I am pretty sure that you can watch the match at on the television at 1:00 pm PT or 3:00 pm EDT. Otherwise you can watch it for free and online here. Which is very convinient. I remember growing up we had to go to sleep early and wake up at 4:00 am PT. In order to watch The World Cup live on television. This was before internet was before live streaming and virtually, what we call the internet today.

Brazil plays Croatia today. I predict 3-1 to Brazil.



Below is a video by Beats by Dre featuring Neymar.







What will it take?

Below are videos of Democracy Now’s coverage of the peoples reaction to George Zimmerman’s Trial.

Posted on July 15, 2013

Posted on July 15, 2013

Posted on July 16, 2013


Economic Inequality in America: The Mentally Ill are Easily Looked Over Con’t

Below is a video found on Al Jazeera, called, “The War Within,” it was posted on April, 20, 2010. The video focuses on US war veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But it is important to recognize that most people in the military today come from low-income, working-class, and middle-class families. This is because the military provides, ‘perks,’ for joining, for example, ‘free,’ education or a check twice a month. The relationship today between the less-fortunate and war is interesting to me because I believe the this is another example of how the powerful elite influence our everyday lives.

If you did not know, war is really profitable if you are in the right place in society. Companies from, General Electric, to McDonalds benefit from war, I mean millions of dollars. These companies are the same companies that you will see paying lobbyist money to force their agenda. Did you forget that we were looking for weapons of mass destruction?

When you have economic inequality you do not need a draft. People who have no other option but to join the army because, they can get tax free housing or family supplemental sustainability allowance. Will risk their lives to better the condition of their family.

I do not hesitate to say that the powerful elites are very smart people. They provide a economic environment, if I can put it that way, that automatically supplies them able bodies because that is all they really want is bodies. To fight in wars killing people who they do not like for whatever reason and they make an enormous profit from it. These lobbyist do not care one bit about the people in the military, this video can shine some light on this. I recall watching a documentary awhile back, I do not remember the name of it or when it was; I do remember it was on Al Jazeera, so maybe I will find it later. Nonetheless, the part of the video that stood out to me went something like this: the footage was of a soldier complaining that at his base in Iraq or Afghanistan, his soldiers can at any given time of the day go to the canteen and get McDonalds but they can not get ammunition or special vehicles. Well at least at that point the US was an advocate of, Food Not Bombs.

So soldiers here leave to fight a war that they do not understand at all. Look at how many soldiers leave the wars in the middle east, asking why was I there killing people? There is no justification. Not to forget that the soldier leaves the battlefield a totally different person, mentally and in some cases physically.

This question and psychological trauma that war puts on people contributes to the statistic that comes about month after month, that more US soldiers took their own lives than died in battle.

Below is a video on Democracy Now, it features a program called, “Military Suicide Epidemic: More U.S. Soldiers Have Killed Themselves Than Died on Battlefield in 2012,” posted on June 13, 2012. the special program begins at 42:03.



Guina, Ryan. (2008, July 9). Do Military Members Get paid Enough.

Better Safe than Sorry; Rules for Surviving a Disaster


We did not experience a major world changing event on December 21, 2012. March 11, 2013 was Japan’s second year anniversary for the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country. More and More often nature is reminding us that we should be prepared for anything. The most recent was the meteorite that exploded above Russia. Recorded footage(found below) shows what looks like a huge fire ball flying over Russia. Fortunately the meteorite exploded above Russia, which reduced the damage that resulted.

News footage below and here.

Of course there is little that you can do if a meteorite came down on your home, but there are simple steps that you can take to prepare you for something that you are more inclined face. For example as you can see from the video there was energy that was released, which resulted in shattering of windows and what seemed like explosion related events. What might have been helpful for people caught in this situation would be to know where the nearest exist is, where the medical kit is, fire extinguisher, and what local radio station will have useful information about what happened.

Since this is the first post on survival, it will be sort of broad and relatively simple. This post will go over some rules that are crucial for any survival situation and it will go over some general materials that one should have on hand.

Rule 1: Have a Plan and Practice it

This is one that can be stressed enough. You have to have a plan and practice it, without practice the plan is almost useless. The reason for the practice is because in a disaster situation our body freezes up and we hesitate but if you practice your brain which is the control box for body, receives feedback from each practice which then results in the syncing of the bodies reactions. The practice allows the body to learn what it might have to do in a given situation. If you live with your family, having a plan becomes even more necessary. Teaching family members what do do in various disaster situations makes an enormous amount of difference in survival rate; especially if you can teach your children. So have designated

The question you might be asking is what should I be practicing? Well, that depends on where in the world you live. This might take a little research for some people, the rest should know what are the top local natural disaster threats. For example if you live in a flood zone or in a part of the world that experience drought then you should be already doing things to prepare for difficult times. But there is always more that can be learned, one of the possible outcomes of a earthquake are fires, so being knowledgeable what type of fires start, since there are different types of fires, why the start and how to stop it if possible.

Rule 2: Stay Calm

This rule relates to the brain just like practice does. This is because we need to keep our stress level to a certain limit in order for us to perform at our ultimate level. One of the worst things that you can do in a disaster situation is to panic and freeze. According to John Galvin, “In a disaster roughly 10 percent of people panic, 80 percent essentially do nothing. The remaining jump into action.” This has been proven over and over again, there are various suspected reason to why people freeze such as social dynamics. This is why when you go through CPR training they teach you to designate someone to call 9-11 because when someone collapses people freeze or expect someone else to do it.

Rule 3: Plan for the Worst

Will you be stranded for 5 days or 4 weeks? It is ingenious to be prepared as much as possible. Being aware of your surroundings and figuring out what will or not will be available to you. In disaster situations it is obvious that things like power and clean water will be in short supply or non-existent. So if you can get you hands on a generator,a fuel less lighter, or fishing equipment, stock up on anything you can.

Rule 4: Come Together

This is one that is important now but undoubtedly important in the aftermath of a disaster. Some people will naturally come together to provide their community and neighborhood. But in a disaster situation it is instinctive to try to get the upper hand over the people around you, especially when resources are scarce. But it is proven that teaming up with other organizers or volunteers is the best thing that you can do during the aftermath.

So now we will highlight a couple of basic but essential things that everyone should have available if needed. These are things that can be used in many different situations. The list is below:

  • Water
  • Food(canned, dried, fermented, anything that does not spoil quickly)
  • Batteries
  • Medication
  • Map
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Books
  • Compass
  • First aid kit
  • Hand Lighters
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Toiletries
  • Extra pair of sturdy shoes, clean clothes and a blanket
  • A pocket knife
  • A durable bag

Things such as the fire extinguisher, whistle, first aid kit, and compass you probably have to go out and buy. This is a good list because the items there are versatile.

72 hour Survival kit below and here.

Get started today!!!

I apologize I have been having computer problems. Right now the videos will not show up. It happened before; maybe it will fix itself.



Galvin, John. (2009, October). The Self-Reliance Issue : The Rules of Survival. Popular Mechanics. 66-72

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