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In Honor of All Mothers

Below is a video from, it is called “Mother and Daughter Hero Doctors: Hawa Abdi and Deqo Mohamed.” It was filmed on December 2010 and posted on February 2011.

“…women and children are the ones affected most by civil war.”

This is an important statement because it is very true. Women and children have always suffered in times of conflict and ultimately since the existence of human beings. But times have been changing as you can see here is one example.

“No man can beat his wife.”

This is still a global problem.

“We will call the eldest people…if the defy this case..we never release him”

This is an old tradition that is rarely practiced in Western society. Older people have the potential to have so much wisdom and a sense of the way the world works or should work. So, it is ingenious to harness that wisdom.

“Women are most strong, person, all over the world.”

True that.

The people of the community came up with the two rules; democracy?

“I saw how my mother was helping and how she really need the help and how is the care is essential to healthcare…”

I believe that sometimes parents forget that they are the first and in many cases the only example for their children. I mean that children learn how to treat others, how to take care of themselves, how to work hard, how to be a good person, etc; from their parent(s)/guardian(s).


Below is a video from Al Jazeera, it is called, “Shabeena’s Quest.” I believe it was posted on November 2012.  Shabeena is a principal at a school in Pakistan. Under the governing of the Taliban, Shabeena, shuns old-age traditions that prevent girls and women to go to school. Shabeena shows courage and dedication to do what I believe, is right. The video also follows two girls who attend the school: Afshan and Zarina.

Afshan comes from a family with six daughters and they All go to school. On a family salary* that would make your head spin. Truly, for anyone who knows what it is like to live poor in a third world country,  you know how amazing that is. Especially in a Taliban dominated environment; imagine.

Zarina, comes from a family that is comparable to Afshan’s but the difference is that her family wants to marry her off at the age of 14. Zarina of course wants to stay in school; she has to fight to learn.

Throughout the video you will really see the hearts and minds of the future generation. I hope at least one the children there rises up to really bring change some where in the world; you cannot deny even at their young age they know what needs changing.

I wanted to say that this post features women who are doing things that many would consider courageous and dangerous. But all women are important in order for this planet to function peacefully. And every mother is important to someone in the world. Bless All mothers.

*Average annual salary in Pakistan $4,650.00 this is based on the 2012/2013 survey.


“Only my body is here because I am thinking about what is happening around the world.”-Mumia



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