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Economic Inequality in America: The Obsolete Yet Thriving School System

In the last post I wrote about economic inequality in America. The video in the post showed how much money, which equals power,’ some people have. Well these people with this power understand how important education is for a child. When I say understand, I do not mean, in the sense that in general most people agree (in Western society) that all children should go to school. The wealthy understand it to the extent that they know that children learn better in the morning, or after physical activity, or they know it is good to use new vocabulary around children, etc. So wealthy parents try to provide the best learning environment for their children while leaving the rest of our children to fend for themselves. If that is not enough, there are other indirect factors that prevent low-income parents from providing the best learning environment, for example, a low-income parent might need to hire a tutor for their child but cannot afford it; so the child struggles. Not all wealthy people are bad people but there are certain powerful people who want nothing but to take and ruin the lives of others.

Every major decision, from the monthly 12 participant town hall meeting to the decisions made in the situation room. The result will have a direct and or indirect affect on the future generations to come. Some decisions prove to have a greater affect than others. Now, when we talk about the decisions regarding education, the impact is enormous.

When the African slaves were brought to America, as you know, one of the things that the slaves were prevented from doing was, learning how to read. The ability to read is a powerful skill because  ultimately opens the door to learning almost anything you focus your mind on. The slave owners knew that keeping the slaves retarded was crucial for them if the wanted to maintain power. This is what is still going on today. The minority, the poor and the women of this world are being prevented from learning.

As children the world is an interesting and exciting place that is filled with amazing things that we want to learn about. But there are too many things in the world for any one child to successfully attain, assess and indefinitely retain all information out there. For example, let us say that a young adult (17 years old) wants to work at the cashiers counter at the local grocery store. Well that means that the young adult needs to understand what a decimal point is, her or she needs to know how to add and subtract, etc; in order to make sales. But there is something else that is more important than the math, something that is important throughout ones entire life. That is the ability to appropriately meet, interact and bond with other people on this planet. This ability and confidence is greatly impacted by the idea of schools. The school campus provides a child  a preview, if you will, on how to the world interacts with them and and how they should treat the other people in the world. Now, depending how inviting, supportive, innovative and challenging the school campus is will affect how the child develops. I believe that we can all agree that wealthy children attend “better”, schools than less fortunate students and that is why you will see less fortunate children getting in-trouble with the law.  Wealthy children rarely have to worry about not eating anything for breakfast before school, or trying to study in the only room in the home that is filled with everyone in the family.

So, we can conclude the schools are really important for society to function and develop, if needed. Then why are they not talked about more? Why is it for the last 50+ years education has been put in the back burner? Because the wealthy elites suppress the general population by utilizing all the tools available to them; the power to influence our education being one of them.

“You know there like, really smart, talented….They do not want the angry black man……but I am angry!”

Haha, funny but so true.

“Millions of our children that  we are going to needlessly loose…..right now we could save them all.”

“….those schools are still lousy today! 56 years….it is still the same approach…things have changed, yet not in education! Why?”

“Every 10 years they reproduce the same study.”

..some folks do the right thing.”

There are people who fight for the right thing everyday.

“We did not know how critical the first 3 years were…wealthy people know, educated people know, and their kids have an advantage.”

“What are you doing this year? the same thing. I am going to make a prediction.”

Educational Cliff.”


“Only my body is here because I am thinking about what is happening around the world.”-Mumia


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